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Beach District Plants

 Beach District Plants are offered to ocean and bay front property owners to help with erosion control, water quality enhancement, and habitats for insects and animals. The plants, grasses, herbaceous, shrubs and trees, are selected to weather the harsh ocean and bay front environment. Plant selection varies from year to year but some common plants are American Beach Grass, Sea Oats, Butterfly Milkweed, Wax Myrtle, Rugosa Rose and Beach Plum.

The Town of Ocean City has closed out the application process 2023; however, please keep an eye on this page for updates on 2024.

Pollinator Garden Plants

View Fiesta Park Pollinator Garden Project

Pollinator Garden Plants are offered to Ocean City property owners who have a protected garden area for the plants so the pollinators can feed and nest. The Town of Ocean City has closed out the application process 2023; however, please keep an eye on this page for updates on 2024.

What is a Pollinator Garden? The simplest definition of a pollinator garden is a garden that attracts, bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds or other creatures that transfer pollen from flower to flower or within flowers. Pollinators are in decline mostly due to loss of feeding and nesting habitats. Pollution and misuse of chemicals are other causes of their endangerment.

Why is a Pollinator Garden Important? Pollinators provide pollination services to over 180,000 different plant species and more than 1,200 crops. This means that one out of every three bites of food you eat relies on pollinators. In addition to the food that we eat, pollinators support healthy ecosystems that clean the air, stabilize soils, protect from severe weather, and support other wildlife.

Rain Barrel Rebate

Why should I use a Rain Barrel? Collecting water in a Rain Barrel is a great way to conserve water plus it’s free water for your landscape. Plants love rain water. Do not drink water from the Rain Barrel. The water most likely will contain contaminates from the roof runoff.

During a rain event, the barrel collects the water and reduces runoff into bays, rivers, etc. Stormwater does not infiltrate into the ground. It travels across the land and impervious surfaces into waterways bringing with it fertilizers, soil, pesticides, animal waste, chemicals, etc.

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Maryland Tree Program

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