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Composting in OCMD

Composting in OCMD

Composting in OCMD

Choosing to compost is a no-brainer on all accounts according to owner and founder of Ocean Compost LLC, Garvey Heiderman. Rather than taking food waste and burying or burning it, it can be converted into a valuable renewable resource that improves soil health and food quality.

“It’s such a net positive, because not only does it not hurt the planet, but it helps the planet,” Heiderman said.

Non-compostable and compostable items must be separated whether in a residential or commercial compost site. A blend of carbon-rich and nitrogen-rich materials are added to the separated compostable items at the proper time, with correct moisture levels and aeration.

“It’s really a recipe, and as long as you get that recipe right you have to just let Mother Nature do its thing,” Heiderman said.

Though compost can be made at home, and he agrees it would be awesome to have residential drop-off sites, Heiderman chooses to focus on the bigger contributors to food waste, like restaurants in the Town of Ocean City.

Ocean Compost LLC works in conjunction with Go Green OC, an environmental organization that also focuses on OC and composting. The composting project has received support from locals and the town. Heiderman feels lucky to live in an area where people care about the environment, and he wants to give them a way to help it. He also thinks OC’s legislators and businesses have been a huge help too.

“We could not be doing this without the help of the town,” Heiderman said.

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The Green Team is a committee within the Town of Ocean City. This group consists of individuals that are focused on protecting the resources of the community. They also work to gather information on the specific actions outlined in the Sustainable Maryland Certified Program to get Ocean City Certified Sustainable! To learn more about their efforts, including the Litter Free OC campaign, please visit:

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